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Digital Urbanism

The City Hall of Lisbon, in the person of the Concillior Ricardo Veludo, presented yesterday the new tool of urbanism: the technological platform Digital Urbanism.

The new platform that allows the processing of urban planning processes online starts to work today, with the first set of requests in the area of ​​urbanism, and its implementation will occur in three distinct phases, with the introduction of new services and orders in a phased manner.

In this first phase of implementation among the different orders available are:

(i) Prior communications,

(ii) Requests for information on the feasibility of urban operations and infrastructure licensing in public space,

(iii) Some types of emission of licenses for occupation of public roads.

The remaining types of requests, as well as any additions or new requests following processes that were already under consideration, must be submitted electronically to the email

With this new platform, the submission of new orders is now carried out completely online, allowing the user to check the progress of the process whenever he wishes.

With this initiative, in this critical phase, the City Hall of Lisbon is demonstrating its intention to act as a catalyst for the economic recovery of the real estate sector through planning and urban licensing, essential for the activities of designers, developers, builders, lawyers and consultants.

With digital urbanism, the City Hall of Lisbon aims to:

(i) Reinforce the optimization of its production processes,

(ii) Achieve greater speed in the processing of urban planning processes, and

(iii) Achieve greater transparency in communicating the criteria and fundamentals underlying the decisions that are taken.

Author: Elisabete Basto

Date: 23-04-2020

Contacts: and

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